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Cindy while visiting Milwaukee, Wisconsin said: ACAR koozie always with me in my travels!!

Niki went to Colorado and sent back these images from the Red Rock Amphitheater, yes with her ACAR KOOZIE. Very cool, makes you wonder how you would watch the stage with that beautiful view off in the distance. Thanks Niki

The Al’s Certified Auto Repair Koozie is at Mount Rushmore with Dale. Dale, her Son and Granddaughter are on a well deserved vacation and they are having a lot of fun. Become a member of the Al’s Certified Auto Repair KOOZIE CORNER. It is simple come by the shop and pick up a KOOZIE take it with you on vacation and send us a picture and we will post it here. Lets see how far we can get the KOOZIE’S.

You certainly don’t have to go to Yellowstone National Park to get faithful car repairs; but, that is Where Dale went with her son and granddaughter. Oh and look at that she took her KOOZIE too. Dale certainly appears to be having a great time on her well deserved vacation. Come on join the KOOZIE CORNER, simply get your Al’s Certified Auto Repair KOOZIE, take it with you on vacation and send us some pictures we will post it here and on our Website.

Al and Sue took their Koozie to Arizona a little earlier this year. Here it is at El Charro’s in Tucson. This eatery has been in Tucson for over 95 years serving, you guessed it Great Mexican food. We are looking for more pictures of you and your Koozie. Oh you don’t have a Koozie? Then come on by the shop and pick one up, well you better make it two because nobody wants to drink alone.

Cindy Coulombe made it to the Windsor with her ACAR KOOZIE. I hope you had a great time Cindy. The Windsor fair is always a great time. Come by Al’s Certified Auto Repair and get your KOOZIE and take a picture with the KOOZIE and you too could be a member of the KOOZIE KORNER.

Linda Lou Mcguire with the Al’s Certified Auto Repair Koozie at the softball tournament in New Hampshire. Looks like you guys were a little chilly Linda. I hope the ladies did well. We are all watching the ACAR KOOZIE’s travel with all of our customers. Where else can you take the Koozie.

Debbie Hallsey trailored the motorcycles to Canada and had a wonderful time. She sent us this picture inside the truck on the way up. Thanks Debbie.

This is so cool, Adrian Sanchez took the Al’s Certified auto Repair KOOZIE to Pamplona Spain, where he and the KOOZIE took part in the Festival of San Fermin ” The Running of the Bulls” NO matter where you are “Al’s Certified Auto Repair” will be there with you. How awesome is that?